Google Says Fix for Pixel 3 XL Speaker Distortion, Buzzing Issue Coming Soon

Pixel 3 series issues don’t seem to end. Now thought, fixes have started to emerge. To recall, right after launch, a buzzing sound on the Pixel 3 XL₹ 83,000 was reported by many users. Several early adopters are experiencing a certain buzzing, static, or distorted sound emitting from their speakers, even when the volume is low. This issue seemed to affect only Pixel 3 XL users. While many users indicate that this could be a hardware issue, a Google representative has confirmed that this phenomenon will be fixed via a software update in the coming weeks.

As we reported last month, several Pixel 3 XL users have posted on Reddit and Twitter about the issue at hand, and some say that only certain notification sounds, videos and songs produce this buzzing sound, and not all content produce that noise. Another Others claim the sound is different based on how the back glass panel is touched.

Even though many users are claiming that this is a hardware issue, and replacing the device is the only probable solution for now, a Google support agent has confirmed that a software fix is coming. Android Police reached out to Google, and the tech giant also confirmed that a fix is incoming.

Redditor u/qtpa2tnh notes that even his replaced unit continues to emit a buzzing sound, and does some testing to realise that low-to-mid-range frequencies (between 20-500Hz) are specifically affected.

This issue is reminiscent of a similar speaker distortion issue that plagued Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users last year. For the Pixel 3 XL, some users even note that the issue disappears on its own. If you own a Pixel 3 XL, try hearing these videos right here and here, as they are known to create the distorting sound. However, now that Google is aware of the issue, a fix should roll out soon.

Recently, it was also reported that some Pixel 3 units are facing display flickering issue and serious overheating issues during charging. While phones tend to heat up while they are being charged or during video recording, some units even shut down without warning.