Amity International School Amsterdam: Individualised education

Amity International School Amsterdam, at its founding, set out to provide an education which would enable all members of its school community to thrive in our ever-changing world. As the world develops at a greatly accelerated pace, the school’s primary purpose is to combine the best educational practices with the most current innovative approaches to learning.

Inspiring lifelong learning

A guiding question AISA always considers is, “How can we, as a school, prepare our students for an unknown future?” By building upon the latest research about learning, understanding the need for collaboration and flexibility in the workplace and incorporating a drive for responsible action, the school is creating vibrant learning environments to inspire lifelong learning.

Respect and responsibility

On a visit to Amity International School, the first thing you’ll notice is the joyful smile on children’s faces as they walk, or likely run, to school in the morning! You will see the school’s commitment to providing a nurturing community that holds and cares deeply and authentically for its members.

The children have respect for one another and gain pleasure from their relationships, whether it be through encouraging a classmate to speak up when it is their turn to present or inviting them to be a part of a discussion. The students understand that responsible action is part of their responsibility as social beings, as it pertains to their families, classrooms, neighbourhood and the broader global and political sphere.