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Addressing the nation on the eve of 72nd Independence Day, President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday said that education does not mean getting a degree but enhancing the quality of a person. “Achieving degree is not education, but it lies on enhancing the quality of a person,” said Kovind.

The president also stressed on issues regarding women and other socio-political conditions. “Women have a special significance in our society. They should have the freedom to choose their path, whether they want to use their skills in the development of house, in the workforce, or in educational institutions,” he said.

He began his speech by talking about the importance of Independence Day. “August 15 is sacred for every Indian. Our tricolour is a representation of our nation. Independence of India was a result of the sacrifice of freedom fighters and ancestors,” Kovind said.

In his maiden address last year, Kovind spoke about the importance of education and technology for the masses. He also spoke of a New India which is one that is rushing towards the future, but also a compassionate society. “The New India should be a society which should be both developed and sensitive,” he had said.