If you wish to transfer any large files to someone, it, unfortunately, finds your size is too large to transfer further. This is, of course, the fact that, most people are having this common issue while transferring large files to others. Most videos are in high quality format but unfortunately it does not allow transferring it. To overcome this, you need to compress MP4 video files by using this Movavi Video Converter. Luckily, it is probably to reduce the file size of your videos by just compressing it. But, the user thought that it is complicated one to compress video files. To do the compressing technique, the Movavi Video Converter is available and easy to compress mp4 video files quickly. If you wish to get started, then you need to follow the below steps to do it so.

  • Add the video to Movavi Video Converter
  • Just click on ‘Add Media” and then add it
  • Choose the format as you want to compress video and go to devise tab
  • Now, select the current device where you want to compress
  • Click the file size which opens in new dialog box on the screen
  • Then, adjust file size slider to resize the video file and bitrate of the video
  • Enter Apply when you are done
  • Click convert button to continue converting video

Features of compressing Mp4 with Movavi Video Converter


Adjusting resolution and frame rate

When you are working with the Movavi Video Converter, the advanced features let you to start compressing video files. If you wish to reduce the file size of the video, then adjust resolution and frame rate naturally.  So, no need to worry about resolution and frame rate, you can adjust it by using Movavi Video Converter.

Simple compress process

This Movavi Video Converter is good when compare with other converters. If you wish to compress MP4 then, this Video Converter enhances the quality of video without affecting it. You can use advanced option to compress and thus get a right technique for compressing video files without trouble.

Gives flexibility

When you use this Movavi Video Converter, then it offers so many options that enable you to do it. However, this makes the users grab flexibility when it chooses to compress mp4 without meeting troubles. It easily trims your video within few moment and ready to transfer it.