Tata Sky Replaces Flexi Annual Plan With 'Cashback Offer', Provides Temporary Account Suspension Feature

Tata Sky customers can avail the new offer by recharging their account for 12 months

  • Tata Sky last month revised its Flexi Annual Plan
  • The plan is now available as the Cashback Offer
  • The account suspension feature is valid for five days

Tata Sky has replaced its Flexi Annual Plan with a ‘Cashback Offer’. Just like the previously released plan, the new offer provides one month’s balance as cashback to customers recharging for 12 months. There is also an additional option of temporarily suspending the account. Further, the operator is not imposing any lock-in period for customers availing the Cashback Offer. Tata Sky originally launched its Flexi Annual Plan back in April and revised its offering last month to offer a one-month free subscription.

As per the listing on the Tata Sky website, the Cashback Offer is applicable once users recharge their account for 12 months. The operator promises to provide a one-month balance as cashback within 48 hours of the recharge.

The one-month cashback benefit is similar to what Tata Sky provided with the Flexi Annual Plan previously. However, the newly launched Cashback Offer includes an option for availing temporary suspension of the account. This is useful especially if you’re travelling for few days and would like to suspend your Tata Sky account during that period.

As noted by Telecom Talk, the account suspension feature is valid for five days and can be accessed via Tata Sky’s official website or mobile app.

Customers availing the Cashback Offer are also assured to receive digital wallet offers. Furthermore, the new offer provides free coupons worth the amount recharged through the Tata Sky website or mobile apps.

To avail the Cashback Offer, Tata Sky customers need to recharge their account with an amount equivalent or more than 12 times their monthly recharge value. The operator will enrol the customers automatically when it detects the appropriate account balance. Also, the enrolled customers will be notified through an SMS or an email.