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Oracle on Tuesday released a series of updates to its Transportation Management and Global Trade Management clouds. The updates aim to help companies streamline and simplify compliance with shifting global trade regulations, as well as speed up customer fulfillment, Oracle said.

Key to the new features is the injection of data into shipment routes and automated event handling. For instance, routing decisions will now take into account factors such as historic traffic patterns, hazardous material restrictions and tolls when planning shipments.

Changes to transportation planning software are designed to improve outbound order fulfillment. Additionally, Oracle’s IoT Fleet Monitoring software will now integrate with the transportation and trade clouds to provide better visibility into a shipment’s location through automatic event handling.

Meanwhile, the regulations compliance process gets a boost from expanded regulatory content, which allows for faster screening and customs declarations. There’s also a new graphical diagnostics tool designed to help users research and resolve shipment planning questions in real time. Oracle said it’s also added a more configurable user interface to both cloud platforms.

As part of Oracle’s efforts to provide more automation, it’s offering customers a package of automated migration tools bundled with consulting services.

Organizations from a range of sectors are already using the service, including customers in banking, supply chain management, agriculture and banking.